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Wayne morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 14:30:27 GMT 2004

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>> I've got crossover and winex  but  they can't  run  the  only  game  I
>> play championship manager and  I  haven't  figured  out  tv out under
>> mandrake.
> Hi Derek
> yep games - probably be the main reason to dual boot for a long time to 
> come!
> I set up a laptop for my girlfriends son & he needs a dual boot windows 98
> option for games.  How have you found winex games support?  When I looked 
> at
> it a while ago it seemed like most games I needed to set up would take 
> quite
> a bit of individual configuration & still have issues to be resolved? 
> Seemed
> easier to dual boot.
> kev

Talking of games, I asked this a while back but didn't get any response:

Anyone seen the 'Pub Quiz' machines that seem to be quite popular round the 
black country - they run
linux (not sure what flavour) and have a vast selection of trivia/board/card 
games to choose from and a touch screen
Anyone know anything more about this machine, and if the games are available 
for home use? 

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