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Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Sat Nov 27 01:46:30 GMT 2004

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Stuart Langridge wrote:

| Well, I've finally migrated over to Ubuntu.

I'll end up running it on a box at some point - possibly actually on a
work box that I'm installing next week, but I've got to make a judgement
as to whether I think they're going to be around or it'll be reasonably
trivial to move to Debian if they disappear during the box's lifetime.

Ubuntu seems pretty cool. I'm interested enough to book a ticket to fly
to the Canonical conference, so don't get me wrong in my views - I'm a
Debian user right now but I expect to be using both distributions at
some point quite soon. I was a Progeny user very briefly too :-).

| This was in no small part because I got completely pissed off with an
| apt-get upgrade taking ages on my Debian/Knoppix install, after having
| broken twice, and so I pulled the plug. On reboot it threw a wobbler
| because there was no initrd and wouldn't boot. Not the best decision
| I've ever made, but what can I say; it's been a bad week.

If you'd only bypassed the secondary injection coils and rerouted the
mainframe bypass override device, you'd have got that package
installation working just right. I don't use Debian kernels - they've
never, ever, been done how I want mine. End users dont' want to have
hassles though and that's one reason why Debian needs commercial
projects such as Ubuntu. As I said to one of the guys at work - I am
concerned that Ubuntu doesn't get bogged down in Debian pedantry.
Debian's grrreat, but sometimes way too pedantic for its own good.

| I have also given in completely and started using Evolution.

I used it again, briefly, quite recently. It's ok. I might start using
it at work now I have to worry about talking to a Microsoft Exchange
server for my email (don't ask). Luckily I have got my email going
somewhere not running Exchange, I just need to pull down the Exchange
mail groups so I can stick them in to something that's not Microsoft
Lookout and be happy.

| Stone me, there are a lot of buttons. Oof. Must turn half this UI off!

Do you want us to really stone you?

| After getting six hundred and thirty emails in one twelve hour period,
| over six hundred of which were virus mails, I've also installed clamav
| and clamassassin on angel, my mailserver, and then used procmail on my
| machine to filter virus-detected mails into a separate folder.

I started dropping anything that wasn't sent to one of my official mail
addresses and the SPAM fell considerably, but my outdated Mailscanner
desperately wants me to upgrade it when I get around to it. Right now
I'm living with too much unwanted mail - but I'd rather have that than
risk loosing some mail. Thunderbird shows over 105 filtered mailing
lists right now and there's many more besides coming in here :-).


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