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Kevan kevanf1 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 1 21:47:57 BST 2004

 --- Mo Awkati <mawkati at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
> Hi folk
> Today has been a really sad day for me. I lost too
> battles against Microsoft XP, One close to home and
> one with a friend. At home I had to install XP on my
> son's pc. I lost the battle to the Boss as she
> insisted that this is what they use at school. I
> lost
> the second with a friend for the same reasons. :-(
> I think the best place to start promoting Linux is
> at
> schools, not to corporate giants. Like the example
> in
> the MAILSERVER LXF this month.
> I think we ought to go to school fayres with a big
> cuddley Tux as a prize!!!
> Mo

It doesn't help when the universities are seemingly
all Microsoft.  At W'ton Uni's Telford Campus they
even have the Delta Institute.  It's a Microsoft
development subsidiary.

Thinking back, I had Corel Linux up and running on the
staff network there.  It's a wonder I didn't have the
heavy mob from main site looking to tear my guts out. 
I got shouted at for simply resetting the switch once.
 I asked what I should have done....guess what?  It
was reset the switch but I had to have permission.  I
know about logging the initial fault and everything
and all that was done.  We just couldn't have the
whole darn campus without web access for the half day
it would take the lame brains to decide to tell us to
press the little red button at the back of the

I do miss those days..


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