[Wolves] Promoting Linux

Simon Burke simon.burke at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 09:57:10 BST 2004

> Thinking back, I had Corel Linux up and running on the
> staff network there.  It's a wonder I didn't have the
> heavy mob from main site looking to tear my guts out.
> I got shouted at for simply resetting the switch once.
>  I asked what I should have done....guess what?  It
> was reset the switch but I had to have permission.  I
> know about logging the initial fault and everything
> and all that was done.  We just couldn't have the
> whole darn campus without web access for the half day
> it would take the lame brains to decide to tell us to
> press the little red button at the back of the
> panel...
> I do miss those days..
> Kevan

There is still a linux server running on the staff network, no-one
uses it though. also their pop3 server is linux/unix. I often work
closely with them at the science park (as most of the IT equip and
soft is from the uni). Yeah they seem to love using windoze for most
things but at least they are not completly windows, which is a good
thing really.
 Also i've managed to get a few directors and a couple of people at IT
services  to take a proper look at it again  All currently have
morphix gnome discs curtesy of me.
 Hopefully it the future we may see a slow take over.

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