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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Oct 4 10:42:54 BST 2004

Old Dan wrote:
> sparkes wrote:
>>They where big ugly pretty useless machines but I was hooked.
> I was told once (probably in jest, but I'm not sure) that the 380Z was 
> originally designed to be used in tanks.  Having seen one, I could well 
> believe it.
Put some wheels on it and add a diesel engine, yup I can see it too ;-)

>> program it in basic (I think it was MS Basic) 
> You were lucky having BASIC.  I had logo.

yeah, the logo on the 480z took the turtle graphics thing to extremes I 
seem to remember the picture of the turtle on the docs and the triangle 
drawing the paths you described on the screen was called the turtle.

We actully had a turtle but I think that was with the 380 not the 480 
but I could be mistaken on that one.

> The 480Z had the best keyboard in the entire universe.  Although TBH I 
> think it was the last good thing they ever did.  Their PCs now are - er 
> - well, crap.

yup, they stopped making anything useful when it all went pc (sort of 
compatable) in the late 80's.  Althought those first DOS machines (the 
unPC compatable ones) where nice machines, I still have a soft spot for 
GEM so it could be that.

As for the 480Z keyboard, you could have driven a 380Z over it and it 
would still have worked ;-)  Lots of hobbiest machines had a similar 
keyboard so it could have been a common component it certainly had a 
good key click on it.

> 48k Speccy?  Pfft, Commodore 64 was more my cup of tea.  :)
show off, the only good thing about the 64 was the SID chip everything 
else was bloat ;-)


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