[Wolves] Incorrect map drive sizes

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 11:52:23 BST 2004

 --- Wayne morris <wayne at machx.co.uk> wrote: 

> >> Worked out whats going on here : the 80gb drive
> is
> >> actually mounted in the
> >> /var/html/www/ directory - and /var is only a
> 250mb
> >> partition with 7mb free,
> >> so the winzoze box is seeing the size of /var
> rather
> >> than the actual drive.
> >> Anyway round this?
> >
> > Mount it somewhere else :)
> It needs to be in /var/www/html as it is my webspace
> (as well as my mp3 
> collection).

> The clever thing to do would be to change /var so
> that IS the entire 80gb 
> drive rather than part of the 10gb drive that
> / /boot etc are on - but that is a bit difficult for
> me to get my head 
> around doing despite being told how about 20 times.

I'm with you on that one...

> Files all go where they are supposed to, browsing
> the network drive works, 
> its just the file space reporting that doesn't and
> hence the
> prob with Itunes thinking there isn't any space.
> Pretty sure its a Windoze 
> problem, there are some results on google for
> incorrect network drive 
> sizes - but not very helpful.

Another dumb question... It's a Samba share on a
Windows box right? If so, good. If it's in a Linux box
- bad. Linux ntfs writing support doesn't work and
will screw your disk. I'm pretty certain you already
know this, but I just thought I'd ask.

That just about maxes out my immediate knowledge of
such things. I recall you saying ages ago you used Red
Hat, is that still true? Could it be a bug?

Sorry to be not helping much...




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