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There are many words that have been hijacked and misrepresented both
syntactically and semantically to the detriment of the English language - I
am sure we can all think of many examples but the term 'hacker' is a prime
example of the desecration of the English language by the ignorant and
misinformed (my view but there we go!).

I will stick with the original derivation and meaning and ignore those who
choose to use the corrupted (and incorrect in my eyes) meaning applied.

A correct term I would propose for those miscreants who attack computer
systems (if anyone is interested read the paper 'The Ethical Hacker') is
'cyber criminal'.

Philip Moore

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 --- Kevan <kevanf1 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Yeah, yet another way a word has been corrupted.  I
> understood it as being hackers good but crackers
> bad.
> Or am I totally barking :-)))

The OED says to hack is to: "use a computer to gain
unauthorized access to data" so I'll stick with their
meaning.  Trying to change the meaning of a word seems
pretty pointless to me... Not having a go at you, but
ESR annoys me.

> Kevan

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