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Adam Sweet drinky76 at
Wed Oct 6 15:40:12 BST 2004

 --- Kevan <kevanf1 at> wrote: 

> In this day and age of ADSL broadband I am still
> having to use 56k dial up.  It's a matter of cost at
> the moment.  So, with this in mind can anybody
> recommend a reliable but low cost dial in ISP?

You could kinda cheat if you still have a Wolves Uni

They allow you to dial into their servers as an ISP,
which if you live in Wolverhampton or a surrounding
local call rate area and are on BT with free evening
and weekend calls, means you get free calls as it's an
01902 number. Cut off just before the hour and dial in
again and no costs 7pm til 7am.

Instructions are for WinXP but the number is going to
be the same regardless. For Linux, the authentication
method is PAP.

Admittedly this is a kludge but there is hardly anyone
using it. I haven't used dialup for about 2 years so I
don't know these days. A proper ISP might be better.



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