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Kevan kevanf1 at
Wed Oct 6 16:01:25 BST 2004

 --- Adam Sweet <drinky76 at> wrote: 

> You could kinda cheat if you still have a Wolves Uni
> account.
> They allow you to dial into their servers as an ISP,
> which if you live in Wolverhampton or a surrounding
> local call rate area and are on BT with free evening
> and weekend calls, means you get free calls as it's
> an
> 01902 number. Cut off just before the hour and dial
> in
> again and no costs 7pm til 7am.
> Instructions are for WinXP but the number is going
> to
> be the same regardless. For Linux, the
> authentication
> method is PAP.
> Admittedly this is a kludge but there is hardly
> anyone
> using it. I haven't used dialup for about 2 years so
> I
> don't know these days. A proper ISP might be better.
> Ad
> =====
> -- 

Crikey I remember the days of dialing into the Uni. 
But sadly my account was wiped fairly quickly after I
left - it was at the end of 2000 and I went over to

Thanks though :-)


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