list was Re: [Wolves] Meet this week?

Simon Burke simon.burke at
Wed Oct 6 15:55:27 BST 2004

> All our DSL accounts come with static IP as standard. We block no ports
> and have no data transfer restrictions. If you stick a server on the end
> we dont care. As long as its not illegal you can pretty mych do what you
> like. For a £80 + VAT one off fee you can have a 8 IP subnet or for
> £160+VAT one off fee you can have a 16 IP subnet. You get the usual
> webspace, 10 pop accounts and unlimited aliases etc as well
> If you want anymore info let me know.
Oakies thanks for that, i probably wont be ready to get it sorted
until after christmas, due to funding and the possibility of changing

But otherwise im guessing that with most other ISP's ive spoken too
while working here, the "postcode is a good'un" (to quote easynet
sales bloke). WV10 9TG

Theres no place like ::1


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