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Jon Farmer jonfarmer at
Wed Oct 6 15:44:57 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
ve looked at their ADSL, and it gives you a static address. Would
> this mean that i could run a server on it.
> Im trying to co-locate a server at W-ton science park the directors
> said oakies and no charge as long as i get the DSL sorted.
>  So im trying to find a decent ISP, at the m omment im looking at
> easynet, so most thing would be cheaper tbh (260quid installation but
> only 708pa for a 512k ADSL with i think 5:1 contention and upto 13
> addresses)

All our DSL accounts come with static IP as standard. We block no ports 
and have no data transfer restrictions. If you stick a server on the end 
we dont care. As long as its not illegal you can pretty mych do what you 
like. For a £80 + VAT one off fee you can have a 8 IP subnet or for 
£160+VAT one off fee you can have a 16 IP subnet. You get the usual 
webspace, 10 pop accounts and unlimited aliases etc as well

If you want anymore info let me know.

Jon Farmer
Systems Programmer
Entanet International Ltd
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