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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri Oct 8 17:51:12 BST 2004

MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com wrote:
> Posted this to my blog:
>     * Hauppage WinTV PVR350 - built-in MPEG2 chip, but then so
> has the Nehemiah motherboard, so I'm not sure if I need it
you've got more than enough cpu power to do this is software and it 
might not be used in the drivers anyway so don't worry too much about 
the mpeg2 chip and just make sure the drivers are in a stable state

>     * 120 GB hard drive
waayyyyy, too small for media use.  Jennie is currently backing up loads 
of media to dvd from a 300+gig drive and she only did it a couple of 
weeks ago

>     * Red Remote Serial - plugs into
> serial port and beams infrared commands to your cable box, to switch channels.
cool, the sort of stuff I like

> Will
> MythTV change cable channels for me?
depends on the cable box hardware.  At the moment you don't really have 
a ir transmitter to change it 'remote' style but I presume the cable box 
has a serial port so it just depends on how many hackers have travelled 
this road before.

> Will it be quiet enough to sit in the
> living room?
probably not in this configuration.  I would be tempted to hide the box 
anyway.  You just need it close enough for the video in and out (svideo 
leads can be quite long I think) and the serial ir mouse which can be 
12-15 foot away?  So you might not need to ditch the beige box.

> Will MythTV be an absolute nightmare to get working?

once you have all your hardware working it should be a snip.  I would be 
tempted to add some emulators as well so you can play all the old games 
on your tv like the good old days.

> Anyone
> got any experience of any of this? 

not experience as such just an anetdote.

In the early days of the lug jono, lee and myself where discussing 
starting a lug project and I suggested a tivo style app for linux (Alan 
Cox was hard at work hacking every tv card he could find into the kernel 
at the time so it was timely) they just looked at me like I was mad.  It 
would have been the first such app and would have turned us into 
freesoftware superstars (whatever that means, I just made it up like 
it?) LUG apapthy started that day ;-)


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