[Wolves] MythTV

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Fri Oct 8 17:59:47 BST 2004

sparkes wrote:
some shite without reading the post properly ;-)

>> Will
>> MythTV change cable channels for me?
> depends on the cable box hardware.  At the moment you don't really have 
> a ir transmitter to change it 'remote' style but I presume the cable box 
> has a serial port so it just depends on how many hackers have travelled 
> this road before.
whoops didn't really read this

 >>     * Red Remote Serial - plugs into
 >> serial port and beams infrared commands to your cable box, to switch
 >> channels.

I thought it allowed you to control the pc remotely.  This should be 
programmable to switch any ir circuit on the same bunch of wavelengths 
that most remote controls use.  Unless you are lucky enougth to have a 
Bang and Olofsson tv and stereo it should be possible to switch 
everything with it.


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