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Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 10 16:31:08 BST 2004

Peter Oliver wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Oct 2004, David Goodwin wrote:
>> If you want content - what sort? techie stuff or random trivia? No doubt
>> someone will come back with the argument that it's pointless duplicating
>> stuff that's available elsewhere?
> If someone has a technical problem, they're not going to look at a 
> Wolves LUG Wiki, they're going to use Google.  Google indexes the 
> mailing list just as happily as it would index a wiki.  So, to make 
> putting infomation into a wiki worthwhile, it would have to be 
> something Wolves LUG related of which we require a canonical version 
> to exist.  Do we have such content?  I suspect no wiki is better than 
> a disused, out-of-date wiki.
Yeah but, no but....

A Wiki does appear (no, I've never contributed to one) to offer an 
opportunity to collaborate on a document. Human beings are generally 
much better at criticising than creating and we are tribal by nature. We 
would rather ask for advice from people close to home or that we already 
know and we find it easier to modify someone else's answer. Someone with 
a problem might find it less confusing to read a distilled version of 
some of the conversations that go on here than read through the conflict 
in a discussion that eventaully arrives at an agreed conclusion.  There 
is a lot of knowledge and experience in this LUG and I think a Wiki 
could be a good way to capture some of it in a way that the LUG could 
make a new type of contribution to The Community. Once a document exists 
in a stable form perhaps there are better places to put it but will it 
ever be written without a Wiki?

Some recent examples:
How to use the Wolves LUG mailing list e.g. multiple addesses, holiday 
How to listen to national and local broadcasts from Linux.
Which distributions are used by how many LUG members and why?
Which apps do LUG members use to : watch videos, listen to CDs, listen 
to MP3, write web pages etc.?
What do you give people at an InfoPoint?
How can we help local schools use Linux?


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