[Wolves] Website

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Mon Oct 11 06:23:31 BST 2004

Andy Wootton wrote:
> Yeah but, no but....
> A Wiki does appear (no, I've never contributed to one) to offer an 
> opportunity to collaborate on a document. Human beings are generally 
> much better at criticising than creating and we are tribal by nature. We 
> would rather ask for advice from people close to home or that we already 
> know and we find it easier to modify someone else's answer. Someone with 
> a problem might find it less confusing to read a distilled version of 
> some of the conversations that go on here than read through the conflict 
> in a discussion that eventaully arrives at an agreed conclusion.  There 
> is a lot of knowledge and experience in this LUG and I think a Wiki 
> could be a good way to capture some of it in a way that the LUG could 
> make a new type of contribution to The Community. Once a document exists 
> in a stable form perhaps there are better places to put it but will it 
> ever be written without a Wiki?

It won't be written with a wiki. If the document already exists in a 
basically completed form then I believe that people will edit it, but it 
has to exist *in that basically completed form* first. No-one, 
historically, has been prepared to commit to being the person who looks 
for these nuggets of wisdom on the list and then codifies them into a 
document. It's a similar sort of job to the Kernel Traffic guys (and KDE 
Traffic, Wine Traffic, etc) who summarise the Linux kernel mailing list 
for other people to read, and the one thing that you see at the top of 
all of these summary documents is phrasing like "sorry this is late, 
I've been very busy, I've only done half the threads this week". If 
someone will step up to the plate and say that they're prepared to do 
this then I think it's great, but historically that hasn't happened 
much. As said, there is already a Wolves LUG Wiki, run by Rob Annable, 
so that would be an ideal place to put these created documents; 
naturally, if the Wiki gets a full rack of content then it'll either be 
linked from the main website or integrated with it.


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