[Wolves] Wolves uni q

Old Dan dan at dannyboy.dnsalias.org
Tue Oct 19 11:01:54 BST 2004

Simon Burke wrote:
>>on i386 you can use wine or vmware.
> I'll have to bring my x86 from thedead and start using it again, :(
> but at least it has some 300Gb storage, :P
>>on other arches (like mips) you are currently stuffed.  There used to be
>>some free vmware clones that included full pc architecture cloning
>>(including emulating the pentium) but they all gave up and moved over to
>>virtualisation like vmware meaning they are now dependant on i386
>>So you are stuffed.  Along with the rest of us that use none intel based
> Figures oh well, at least i've got a pretty god box lying around i
> guess, would be nice to see it run on irix though, interesting..

Apparently, bochs is still being worked on.  In fact it was a features 
sourceforge project-of-the-month (or whatever they call it) not so long ago.

It (is supposed) to work with various architectures, though I think you 
have to wrestle with it a bit.


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