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sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Tue Oct 19 11:14:26 BST 2004

Old Dan wrote:
> Apparently, bochs is still being worked on.  In fact it was a features 
> sourceforge project-of-the-month (or whatever they call it) not so long 
> ago.
I thought bochs had wimped it at the same time as plex86 but apparently not.

> It (is supposed) to work with various architectures, though I think you 
> have to wrestle with it a bit.
it looks to have been run at somepoint on i386, 68000 and powerPC but 
only the i386 linux and windows ports look active with MacOS X not far 
behind.  So if you run a different architecture you are still on your own.

emulating a whole pc (albeit slowly) on a 68000 is an incredible feat 
and the fact it has been compiled on big-endian/little-endian and 
CISC/RISC processors makes it look like it might be possible to get it 
running on mips and ultrasparc.  It *should* be 64bit clean that would 
be one hell of a fuck up if they managed to get it running on such 
different 16 and 32 bit machines ;-)

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