[Wolves] O/T 3G phones - 3 and the Nokia 7600

squire triG wolves at trig.org.uk
Wed Oct 20 11:08:01 BST 2004

> David Goodwin wrote:
>>>  The insurance I was
>>> given turned out to have 50 quid excess on a 75 quid phone.....
>> I thought the networks were subsidising phones again .. therefore surely 
>> the phone is actually worth far more than 75 quid, and would this 
>> therefore be what you'd have to pay if you killed the phone/had it stolen 
>> etc?
I thought I'd throw my 2pence in on this one, seeing as I worked for both 
T-Mobile and Singlepoint (Now vodafone)..

The fone manufacturers, give the airtime companies, the ability to sell the 
fones for less, providing it comes with a new telephone number. For every 
new telephone number, the airtime company is paid an initial £100 going up 
to £500 depending on the number (if its personalised etc). Not only this, 
for every month you stay with them, they receive an extra £30 plus the 
revenue from your calls.. So, phone companies can sell fones cheap, and its 
not at a loss because there is an agreement that every fone sold with a 
telephone number is purchased at a discount rate.

When working at both these companies, when a customer comes through to the 
call centre, and their details are displayed on the screen. It shows you 
their useage, their average bill and how much the company makes from them. 
When someone wants to change their tariff, the system tells you which tariff 
will make the most money from them, officially you are not allowed to do 
this, because you are refusing to give the user choice. The salesman was 
responsable at getting them on the tariff that makes the company a profit, 
not a loss.. If you know the system, you can get the best deals...

When you loose your fone or get it stolen, certain rules apply. If you have 
insurance.. read your small print.. You'll find that if your mugged, and you 
give the fone over, you wont get paid..You actually have to struggle for it, 
they take the approach that your fone is worth more then your life! If you 
leave it in your car, in the glove box, locked.. You wont get paid.. If you 
go into pretty much any public place.. you wont get paid.. Phones 4U are the 
worst at not telling you this, their insurers are called PAS 'Policy 
Administration Services'.. They promise you the earth, and delivery you 

Telephones are actually worth to the end user from £200 - £800, this is 
called a 'Sim Free' cost. To the airtime provider, they are worth, £50 - 

Hope this sheds a light


> Yeah that was their story - they said the phone was worth 275 quid.
> I find the idea that they're selling avery phone at a ~200 quid loss a bit 
> unbelievable though.
> -- 
> Dan
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