[Wolves] O/T 3G phones - 3 and the Nokia 7600

Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Wed Oct 20 11:26:41 BST 2004

Peter Evans wrote:

> But if they make so much on having someone tied to a specific contract then 
> surely a logical conclusion is that we, the consumer, is paying way over the 
> odds for call time, texts, data, etc.  This would have to be true for 
> whichever network/package you choose to subscribe to?

This has been the situation for years. Another example of rip off 
britain. If you look at other countries they pay a lot more for the 
handsets and a lot less for calls.

> I don't think they're subsidising to the extent of £200 on every phone, but if 
> you want a bit of a shock try looking at the prices of the 'sim free' 
> handsets that are on the market at the moment. (I know it's cheaper to go for 
> a pay as you go and get it unlocked).

Take a look at the deals at www.forwardcellular.co.uk. If you look 
around you can get a contract sim without a new phone with 100% 
cashback. So effectively you can get 100 xnet mins a month for free!



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