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squire triG wolves at trig.org.uk
Wed Oct 20 11:19:27 BST 2004

>I remember our first.  I didn't know whether to laugh ro cry in the
> delivery room....so I did both.  That was over 20 years ago.  We've
> had two more since then and the magic is always the same.
> Congrat's Tim :-)
I want a child, i am a child.. I hate looking after anyone elses children 
tho.. Chances are, I'm not gonna have children tho, which means I can't 
experience the 'magic'.. Although I really want to be a dad some day..
Why am i not going to have children? There is a 90% chance, that my fiance 
Emma, cant have kids.. Her mother had high blood pressure during the 
pregnancy..There is an official name for this, but I can't remember it.. 
This has pretty much messed Emma up internally and doctors fear she wont 
concieve.. Add this to the fact that she is deaf and other things wrong wif 
her.. i wouldnt change her for the world :)

Congrats Tim :)


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