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squire triG wolves at trig.org.uk
Wed Oct 20 11:34:44 BST 2004

> ahhhhh, triG's got a sensitive side.
Yeah easy on the telling people tho!! :P

I hope she doesnt search google for triG she'll find out how much of a soft 
git I really am, and how bad I am at writtin emails :(

> Pregnancy didn't agree with Jennie either and she spent quite a lot of 
> time in hospital in the last couple of months and then labour nearly 
> killed them both so I guess I had a lot of mixed reactions about the whole 
> thing.  I can understand the emotions your gf's parents went through at 
> the time.
Yeah it was pretty hard them, they didnt know until she was about 2 1/2 she 
was deaf, the doctors were saying 'shes fine, just very quiet' Ya she was 
quiet alright, she couldnt hear anything to say anything..

> You don't have to be a parent to be a complete person so if it doesn't 
> happen it's beyond your control and you should just be happy with each 
> other.

Id like to be a parent, infact I want to be a parent.. Not yet tho, couple 
of years time.. I'd prefer a boy to a girl, althought girls do bond with 
their fathers more I'd be worried all the time she goes out, or brings a b'f 
home.. With a lad, its different for me, cos I did it.So i know what he 
would be doing. I dont know what girls did, cos I was never one (I tried to 
be.. dresses didnt suit me ;))
I guess I believe having a family would complete my life, as you say if it 
doesnt happen then there is nothing I can do about it 

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