[Wolves] 3G phones - my decision

MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com MatthewRevell.3247378 at bloglines.com
Wed Oct 27 15:55:46 BST 2004

Thanks to everyone for their input on 3. I'm going to avoid 3. Their deal
is good but there'll be other deals and I'm really not keen on hepling to
pump the subscriber numbers of a company that just completely fails to get
3G. The more established networks will be along soon, offering actual data
access, which is the main pointof 3G after all.

Lordy, we'll look back
and laugh at those ridiculous ideas of video calling in a few years and, errr,

Video calling is just awkward. Data on the move is a good thing, tho'.
It's interesting to note that Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile all have 3G datacard
products and 3, the company who *only* does 3G, has no such product.

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