[Wolves] SMS messages

Jon Farmer jonfarmer at enta.net
Thu Oct 28 09:07:36 BST 2004

Andy Wootton wrote:

> There are SMS Gateways available as a service on the Net. I looked at a 
> consumer version where you bought a batch of messages in advance then 
> called off your messages against that. I believe there was a call (RPC?) 
> interface and a commercial service with other payment options. The 
> messages started off at about 10p and got cheaper with volume.

I have also used some of these for sending, they vary in quality and 
delivery time I have found. If you want to receive SMS as the original 
poster seem to they can be expensive.

I still think gnokii is the way to go if you have fairly modest 
requirements and its extremely flexible. Its also a nice little project :-)

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