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Jono Bacon jono at jonobacon.org
Thu Oct 28 12:24:04 BST 2004

Schwuk wrote:

>Although I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Fedora man, I'm considering moving
>towards Debian because:
>1) Ubuntu looks *very* interesting
>2) I'm not entirely happy with the way Fedora/RH do some things
>3) I may be getting some non-x86 machines to play with
>Reason 4) would be "I'm bored" :)
>Don't get me wrong - Fedora is very good, but it has heavy commercial
>ties and that just doesn't sit right with me anymore. There's no way I
>could use Fedora or even RHEL at my day job because they are backing
>SUSE and Debian and I don't want to pay for SUSE so it's time for a
>But before I can make the move, my questions are:
>1) Which should I be using? Stable, Testing, or Unstable? I'm planning
>on running both desktops and servers (although the desktops will
>probably be Ubuntu).
Ubuntu on the desktop, stable Debian on servers.

>2) Is Debian practical on dial-up (albeit ISDN)? My last attempt at
>installing it was thwarted by the amount of updates I needed to
It takes a while to update, but you can update whenever you want and be 
current, this can be once a day or once a year.

>3) If I choose Stable for my servers, how do I stand for running
>more-up-date software - e.g. Apache 2.0
You can get backports at apt-get.org.

>4) How different is it?
Not that much, but it is a shitload better, particularly Ubuntu. :)


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