[Wolves] Switching people to Linux

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sat Oct 30 09:30:35 BST 2004

Mo Awkati wrote:
  > Just on the back of this, I have managed to get three
> probably four users to switch over!! :-)
> It it is news like the BBC report that helps.
> I will print the report and pin it on the noticeboard
> at work!

Nice one!

Which arguments did you use to convince them? I'm always interested in 
this: did Linux's technical excellence appeal to them, or did the 
ethical angle of free software appeal more, or were they more motivated 
by getting away from MS brokennesses like viruses and spam and popup 
windows? Or something else entirely?

People who have convinced others to switch to Linux: how did you do it? 
What did you tell them, and what did they think?


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