[Wolves] Switching people to Linux

Simon Burke simon.burke at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 09:36:17 BST 2004

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:30:31 +0100, Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:
> Mo Awkati wrote:
>  > Just on the back of this, I have managed to get three
> > probably four users to switch over!! :-)
> >
> > It it is news like the BBC report that helps.
> >
> > I will print the report and pin it on the noticeboard
> > at work!
> Nice one!
> Which arguments did you use to convince them? I'm always interested in
> this: did Linux's technical excellence appeal to them, or did the
> ethical angle of free software appeal more, or were they more motivated
> by getting away from MS brokennesses like viruses and spam and popup
> windows? Or something else entirely?
> People who have convinced others to switch to Linux: how did you do it?
> What did you tell them, and what did they think?
Most the people i have converted, (i've converted about 5 or 6 SME's
in my time at the science park) Were attracted by the cost and the '
MS brokenesses'. The only difficulty you have is that MS techies a re
saying things like i tried it years ago (usually an old redhat distro)
and they say either it didnt work on their machine or it was awkward,
but i beat that with a nice demo of morphix-gnome.

Theres no place like ::1


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