[Wolves] Switching people to Linux

Mo Awkati mawkati at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 17:38:54 BST 2004

 --- Stuart Langridge <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote: 

> Nice one!
> Which arguments did you use to convince them? I'm
> always interested in 
> this: did Linux's technical excellence appeal to
> them, or did the 
> ethical angle of free software appeal more, or were
> they more motivated 
> by getting away from MS brokennesses like viruses
> and spam and popup 
> windows? Or something else entirely?
> People who have convinced others to switch to Linux:
> how did you do it? 
> What did you tell them, and what did they think?
> Aq.
Hi Aq

it depended on the people 

My son wanted to be clear of viruses but upon using it
realised how good it is!

My friends changed over on my recommendation
concerning viruses/stability/cost/and good graphics
software for their daughter who is doing a course at

My friend because it is beautiful(Linux that is!) and
it will do everything for him except Flight simulator
therefore I will get his pc to dual boot. Also because
of Mircosoft's practices and charges.

One of my staff because she thought her computer has
had it until I did a demo of Knoppix on a laptop in
our office. I gave her the cd and she came back the
next day and said that she wants Linux and she will be
buying SUSE 9.2 when it comes out! She couldn't
believe that it comes with everything that she needs!
Also the fact that she can open and save Word docs in

I forgot to say I will be changing my father-in-law's
pc to Linux and my sister-in-law's pc too. For reasons
of ease of use (eg digital camera), viruses, stability
and its nice looking!

That is more than 3! I didn't realise I was doing so

I think the concept of open source is not easily
digested by everyday users.I think with Linux it has
to be a case of people using it or seeing others they
trust using it.


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