[Wolves] ADSL providers

Ron Wellsted ron at wellsted.org.uk
Sun Oct 31 20:56:41 GMT 2004

On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 15:01, Stuart Langridge wrote:
> Bloke I know is looking to get broadband. His postcode is EH6 6LT. I 
> thin kthat this means that he needs ADSL (NTL say that they cover his 
> area "through his normal phoneline", which means ADSL afaik.) He'll be 
> running Linux (Ubuntu, to be specific). Which ADSL provider should he 
> use? He'll obviously need to be able to connect his machine to the ADSL 
> line in some way, and since the machine is running Linux whichever thing 
> he uses will need to be Linux-supported. He doesn't mind spending a 
> little extra money (fifty quid or so) to buy an ADSL router or something 
> if that's useful. He doesn't want a monthly download cap on whichever 
> service he gets (none of this 5GB/month maximum or anything).

Take a look at freedom to surf <http://www.f2s.com> Reasonably priced,
reliable and they use Linux/OSS on their servers.

Ron Wellsted
ron at wellsted.org.uk
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