[Wolves] ADSL providers

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Sun Oct 31 15:01:35 GMT 2004

Bloke I know is looking to get broadband. His postcode is EH6 6LT. I 
thin kthat this means that he needs ADSL (NTL say that they cover his 
area "through his normal phoneline", which means ADSL afaik.) He'll be 
running Linux (Ubuntu, to be specific). Which ADSL provider should he 
use? He'll obviously need to be able to connect his machine to the ADSL 
line in some way, and since the machine is running Linux whichever thing 
he uses will need to be Linux-supported. He doesn't mind spending a 
little extra money (fifty quid or so) to buy an ADSL router or something 
if that's useful. He doesn't want a monthly download cap on whichever 
service he gets (none of this 5GB/month maximum or anything).


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