Fwd: Re: [Wolves] OT: funny websearch

sparkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Mon Sep 27 13:55:27 BST 2004

kev adams wrote:

>Or more likely an argos web developer amusing themselves but not realising 
>that they'd soon be exposed on b3ta etc.  
It's just because the site fails to match chav and backs up to cha 
unfortunatly it matches chains before it matches chairs (lower on the 
page) adding up to an amusing concidence ;-)

I didn't think it was anything but a throwaway link.

>kev - hopefully not remotely chav like at all despite what chavscum may think 
>of my name - hmmmph :~p
you can't help being a kev but you can help being a chav.  Anyone who 
was on Broad Street on Saturday would have seen them on the pull ;-)


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