[Wolves] Kernel 2.6 psmouse

Stuart Langridge sil at kryogenix.org
Wed Sep 29 14:46:27 BST 2004

Adam Sweet wrote:
> Hi all.
> I was idly browsing about why I can't tap my laptop
> mousepad for a click event anymore when I came across
> the following link.
> http://kerneltrap.org/node/view/2199
> It's apparently to do with changes in the psmouse code
> for kernel 2.6.

Aah!  Aah-ha!

That explains sommething. I wondered why it was b0rked on my laptop.

Why not use the updated Synaptics driver? It seems to be packaged for 

> Whats the best way of doing this? My solution would be
> to pass this is a boot option in Lilo (or grub) or at
> a boot prompt with the command
> linux psmouse.proto=bare

That's the way, altthough I'd do it in the grub boot menu rather than 
typing it manually each time.


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