[Wolves] Mailing list speed and new people

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 23:06:46 BST 2005

--- Larry Tomkins <ls.tomkins at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Hi
> Larry here, not as young as I used to be(by a long
> way) not exactly a linux newbie but do need help
> quite
> frequently. Have dabbled with, struggled with, been
> kept awake by, swore I would never try another and
> cursed various linux distros. They have driven me
> mad
> trying to get cameras, printers, 3 different
> scanners,
>  networking, usb sticks and modems to work, but I'm
> still here.
> Have 2 grown up kids, stand in for Santa Claus when
> he's off sick, have a slim grip on reality and wish
> I
> knew what I am doing.

Hi Larry

Nice to make your acquiantance. I think things tend to
be better these days since kernel 2.6, but yes, I've
been there too and it's driven me nuts. Right now I
have successfully managed to get all of my hardware
working through a mixture of good luck and a Linux
great distribution. Might I ask what you're using
these days?

Anyway, nice to meet you. Same goes for RoundyZ too,
sorry I was busy when you introduced yourself.

> Larry T.
> from the home for the bewildered





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