[Wolves] The (Ginger) Book is on slashdot

David Goodwin dg at clocksoft.com
Tue Aug 2 12:12:11 BST 2005

Stuart Langridge wrote:
>>As no one else has posted ...
>>Congrats Aq.
> Why, thankyou :) I have just noted it on kryogenix.org ;)
> Aq.

Apart from buying you beer, or handing you a stash of used notes, is 
there any way we can buy the book and increase your share of the proceeds?

Interestingly, and related if you believe in conspiracy theories, this 
months Linux Format has an Ajax article, which has got me thinking about 
it all (So your book (review) has great timing).

I've also sort of stumbled onto CherryPy lately, which looks quite 


p.s. This should bring back memories to many people :
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