[Wolves] Updating from RH8 to Fedora X (was remote update of pc)

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sat Feb 5 14:34:39 GMT 2005

Wayne Morris wrote:

> When I bit the bullet and rebooted the server with a cdrom fitted, I 
> found that it was the only pc in the building
> still running RH8 rather than Fedora 1, I'd forgotton it and never got 
> round to updating it as it runs so well.
> So do I update to FC1, 2 or 3 and more crucially will it break anything?

I've got a laptop still running FC1. I believe the reason was that the 
recommended 'upgrade' method to FC 2 was a fresh install and I was all 
out of disk space.
I've been a bit surprised how few patches there have been since FC1 was 
moved to the 'ancient history' server. I don't think I'd want to run a 
real web server worrying about whether it was secure.

The new security model in FC3 seems to have caused a lot of people short 
term problems. Better security tends to do that.

> Variuos things have been tweake to suit, I don't want to have to do 
> them again.

But you have kept a change record haven't you? No, nor me!

> Or should I leave it alone, build a pc and put FCx straight onto it, 
> and then swop service over one by one to the new box?

If there is an option that needs a lot more work, I find it is usually 
the right one :-(

Woo (recent convert to the apt-get faith)

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