[Wolves] Pete's cry for help

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Feb 6 09:21:50 GMT 2005

Hi All

Heres the skinny on flap the other day regarding Firefox.

We (I.e. work) are running the latest version of ACT this is a Sage, Windows 
based, product and is a CRM (Contact Relation Management package) the latest 
version is a complete re-write and now uses a strange version of sql, .net 
and some other apps. My first impression was extremely good they had added 
features I had wanted for about two years so I was very pleased however the 
thing runs like a dog!

Its not a network issue its just you need a client (workstation) with  
something like a gazillion MHz CPU and a trillion MB of memory to be able to 
use it, starting it up takes a good 3-4 minutes and searching for a contact 
takes ages.

My Directors were slagging me off something wicked regarding performance (for 
Christ sake I didn't write the program) so I suggested SugarCRM its browser 
based so nothing runs locally.

Now keep in mind the trouble I have had with using Linux at work ("Kill that 
Linux download") when I suggested SugarCRM they went the whole hog and setup 
a Debian server to run the CRM package of course I wasn't allowed to get 
involved in any of that it would mean acknowledging I might know something 
they don't and we cant have that can we!

I was, of course, given the mundane task of importing the records this was not 
as easy as you might think but I wont bore you with the details (If anyone 
needs help with this bit email me) I needed Firefox for Windows because I 
wanted to cover my arse and use something without the bloat of Explorer that 
way things should be speedy.

We will start using it properly on Monday I just hope it makes them happy of 
course any problems and it will be my fault wont it?

Peter Cannon
Suse Pro 9.2 & Fedora Core 3

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