[Wolves] My Ubuntu Headache et al...

abdul shakur nzo_yiri at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 6 10:44:57 GMT 2005

Hi guys,
I have some problems with my pc running ubuntu as

1. Can not get any music output though I get various
sound when I close or open files and others. The cd
player actually indicates as running. My sound card is
an Intel Corp. 82801AA AC'97 Audio.

2.Totem does not play my DVD's though I get a window.
The DVD player is a SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616T.

I would be glad for pointers to solve these problems. 

Jono, what is happenning to the the "Jon Masters
'Bend-down'" kernel hack project?

And if Greg is on the list, can u write to me pls.

Cheers. Safe.


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