[Wolves] HURD

Baza baza at themauvezone.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Feb 6 16:24:43 GMT 2005

On 6/2/05 7:52 am, "Stuart Langridge" <sil at kryogenix.org> wrote:

> baza wrote:
>> I See on Slash Dot that the GNU kernel project, HURD, now runs some
>> software. Thing is; where is the market for this when it hits the
>> streets? Is it not ten years late, with GNU/Linux having won the game
>> about three years ago?
> The HURD people don't think so :)
> The HURD has a few really interesting little things, and it's probably a
> technically better OS than Linux is. Whether it lost the war by being so
> late that no-one will now use it...that's a matter of faith, I think :)
> I agree with you, though.
> Aq.

I would install it on one of the (to) many PC's I have to give it a look at.
I get the feeling that it would be like trying to use Linux back in the
early days, i.e. Most hardware won't work and the software is..well..


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