[Wolves] SuSE and more odd stuff...

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Feb 7 14:08:55 GMT 2005

On Monday 07 February 2005 13:55, Kevanf1 wrote:

> I'm not alone then :-)  I've been getting more and more paranoid about
> this problem.  I realise that I am fairly new to Linux 

No your not, if you were new your posts would be saying "How do I do such and 
such" then we could get a good flame going :D

> but I have been learning stuff for heaven's sake.  Then this happens and I 
> start to question my own abilities.  Except I really do not think I am at 
> fault.  Something is seriously wrong with SuSE 9.2 regarding
> permissions.

Still nothing from Suse support?

> I have some fairly important stuff on my SuSE PC at the moment and
> while I have every faith in not losing it I do not have faith in being
> able to access it or move it as I want.  So, I shall be moving stuff
> via one of my e-mail accounts - it's a stand alone PC - then wiping
> 9.2 and putting 9.1 back on.  This will have to wait a couple of days
> though as I am up to my neck in voluntary work.

Don't try and update via planet mirror, Pete's currently downloading the whole 
of /suse/i386/update/9.2 :D

Peter Cannon.
peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Fedora Core 3 & Suse Pro 9.2

"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"
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