FC3, was Re: [Wolves] Ubuntu's boot-up 'me time'

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 17 15:34:40 GMT 2005

 --- Peter Cannon <peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk>
> On Tuesday 15 February 2005 14:29, Adam Sweet wrote:

> > So, how do you install new software? Download it
> from
> > the mirror and install with rpm? I thought the
> > advantage as FC was that it was almost equally as
> huge
> > Debian in terms of packages and community and so
> > (unlike SuSE, Mandrake etc) you could find your
> > package easily and install it. How do you install
> > stuff if you don't have the disk and what would I
> lose
> > by not having the disks?
> Whoa, hold the phone, first stop thinking in Debian
> mode, I know very little 
> about all of this stuff unlike others so what I'm
> about to say will probably 
> make me the but of endless jokes tomorrow night.
> Yes you can 'Download the bits and pieces' but then
> why bother if the core 
> files are on a disc? true they will probably be out
> of date but for those who 
> don't have Broadband or an Internet connection
> having one Debian disc is a 
> bit pointless.

> I think your getting confused FC3 comes with all the
> 'Standard' packages 
> anything else you want you can get via yum, apt or
> even up2date the 
> difference now is you need to add those repos to
> your config files.

Right, I'm just downloading the last of the 4 isos
(seems overkill to me...) but thanks for the offers
Pete and Simon. This is just for a comparison with
Debian/Ubuntu. I'm also looking at Gentoo for my Sun
Sparc Workstation as I can't be arsed to wait months
for Debian Sarge (ie hardware autodetection) and
nobody else seems to care about Sparc these days
(whether I do or not is questionable).

So let me get this straight: you use the CDs to
install your apps and use yum/up2date/apt/synaptic or
whatever to instal security updates? Yes I am in the
Debian mindset, point taken Pete. But you can install
extra stuff from the repositries with the right
sources in your config file. I will be badgering you
for some decent sources at some point then.

Thanks for your help. It may be better to talk about
this in pertson at a LUG meeting perhaps, shame I
couldn't make last night.




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