[Wolves] Linux Display

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 17 23:26:28 GMT 2005

Mo Awkati wrote:

>Hi folk
>There is a three panel glass case diplay at Dudley
>Library that I can use free of charge. I am going to
>put togther a display about Linux. The display case is
>not that big so the content will have to be quite
>punchy and short. 
>The title will be LINUX in big letters, and spread
>across the display the key things about Linux e.g  a
>"Did you know that....", info about OpenOffice,
>security, best linux websites, etc. I will print and
>cut out Tux because it will be a good eye
>catcher(unless someone has already got one:-).
>Any thoughts, posters about Linux (A4 size), or clips
>that you may have that I could use will be
>I havn't forgotten about the Linux event, I am getting
>the ingredients before I start cooking! I will keep
>you posted.
Good work, Mo. You've identified a perfect location to contact your 
target audience - Intelligent people who believe in free access to
information and will bother to read the documentation :-)

I find the Ubuntu home page quite inspiring. Perhaps a fanned pile from
the major distros with Ubuntu on top. I'm sorry FC3 fans but you don't 
have "Semi-nudity" (When did a tattoo become semi-clothing?)


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