[Wolves] Need a favour

Adam Sweet drinky76 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 12:44:25 GMT 2005

 --- Tim Humpherson <tim.humpherson at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hmmmm, your own website, eh?
> Why don't you put all your 'expertise' of SuSE and
> FC3, trails,
> errors, corrections and gripes (if any).
> That way, your site would be popular amongst LUGgers
> and beginners
> alike, who would look up to your much revered site!


Peter Cannon - Tribal Soothsayer ;)

Never thought you'd hear that 18 months ago
(top/bottom posting and snipping arguments) did you
Pete ;)

A few things strike me here. Firstly that this might
be an unfair weight to burden any one person with.

Secondly, these places already exist. For Ubuntu (not
to start holy war of words again), this is the Ubuntu
Wiki and the Forums, both of which are searchable
onsite and via google. Do Fedora or SuSE have these?
Or at least an archived mailing list?

However I can understand your desire to have a
'localised' resource run by somebody you trust (even
I've been pumping 'The People's' FC man for info).

If he wants to do this (I wouldn't cos I need my
bandwidth and disk space) I think a wiki might be a
good idea. That way you can chip in. But be aware I
expect he will get more questions than answers and it
would be quite a weight on him.

That said, we already have a wiki, it's linked from
the wolveslug site and run by Annable the Cannibal.
But he might not want it defaced by screaming "IT
DOESN'T WORK!!!!!" articles. If it's kept to  simple
'issue and solution' articles it might work. This is a
LUG resource, not a FC/SuSE specific one.

Many people will also argue here that as the
information is already out there, there is no need to
duplicate it somewhere else. I understand both
perspectives. It's nice to have all the information
you need in one place but It's futile to duplicate
information. I do understand that as a relative
beginner you would prefer the first, as I would have
done a few years back.

Also understand as a final point, maybe he has his new
webspace already earmarked for something else.

The truth is out there. Google knows.




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