[Wolves] Need a favour

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 13:30:46 GMT 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 12:44, Adam Sweet wrote:
>  --- Tim Humpherson <tim.humpherson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hmmmm, your own website, eh?
> >
> > Why don't you put all your 'expertise' of SuSE and
> > FC3, trails,
> > errors, corrections and gripes (if any).
> >
> > That way, your site would be popular amongst LUGgers
> > and beginners
> > alike, who would look up to your much revered site!
> Heh,
> Peter Cannon - Tribal Soothsayer ;)
> Never thought you'd hear that 18 months ago
> (top/bottom posting and snipping arguments) did you
> Pete ;)

Tell me about it! But I was in the wrong and every day is a learning curve.

> A few things strike me here. Firstly that this might
> be an unfair weight to burden any one person with.

True but I love the adulation :D

Actually I know very little, most of what I know has been learnt the hard way 
on my own searching (and buying) books Mr Google, and mailing lists

I'm happy to help anyone if I can as I wouldn't want anybody to struggle like 
I do.

The best example I have ever read and sticks in my mind;
"Catch a fish for a man and he eats for a day, show a man how to fish and he 
eats for life"

> Secondly, these places already exist. For Ubuntu (not
> to start holy war of words again), this is the Ubuntu
> Wiki and the Forums, both of which are searchable
> onsite and via google. Do Fedora or SuSE have these?
> Or at least an archived mailing list?

Yep and its pretty good (Coz Fedora rocks :D )

> However I can understand your desire to have a
> 'localised' resource run by somebody you trust (even
> I've been pumping 'The People's' FC man for info).

In Tims defence I can understand cries for help, there has been that many 
times when I have wished someone would just pop round my house and put 
something right for me that I've been trying for weeks to fix (like sound on 
my Suse box, bugger)

> If he wants to do this (I wouldn't cos I need my
> bandwidth and disk space) I think a wiki might be a
> good idea. That way you can chip in. But be aware I
> expect he will get more questions than answers and it
> would be quite a weight on him.

I have a cunning plan, it may take a couple of months but watch this space.

> Many people will also argue here that as the
> information is already out there, there is no need to
> duplicate it somewhere else. I understand both
> perspectives. It's nice to have all the information
> you need in one place but It's futile to duplicate
> information. I do understand that as a relative
> beginner you would prefer the first, as I would have
> done a few years back.

Centralisation, watch this space.

> Also understand as a final point, maybe he has his new
> webspace already earmarked for something else.

Yep and its not gonna be "This was me in Ibiza either or look at my dogs"

Blogs are OK but most of them are a bit naff really I don't want to know that 
someone is buying bog rolls next week plus I'm a lazy sod I'd never keep the 
thing up to date.

I've seen some ideas on your site I'm gonna pinch, ideas that is.

Peter Cannon
Suse Pro 9.2 & Fedora Core 3

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