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Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Wed Feb 23 10:14:26 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 23 February 2005 07:29, Stephen Parkes wrote:

> On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 06:07 +0000, Peter Cannon wrote:
> >Morning All
> >
> >Well I've put a site up www.cannon-linux.co.uk its all a bit rushed and
> > its sort of what I want, over the next couple of months I'll change it
> > and hopefully it will get better.
> That is actully really tastefully done and very professional for a first
> site.  Well done ;-)

Thanks, praise from you is well worth having.

I have done them before I knock a simple one out in about an hour if I have 
all the relevant bits.

What I'm trying to achieve is a smart looking site that people can come to for 
info I'm not looking to be the sole source just an added resource to the 
community plus I would like them to hang around a bit rather than just being 
a click through.

> I can see now what you meant by taking some ideas from Adam ;-)

I have an idea for having a search field on my site where someone types in a 
question say "How do I do an NFS mount" and it returns all the references it 
finds to key words such as NFS & Mount I think it will need a database which 
will take up too much room, its a pity that I cant use a sort of harvester to 
collect the info from other sites.

> sparkes

--<Copy from Alan Pope's email>--

>Agreed.. and with only 7 w3c validation errors.. :D


Ah, ooh, Um to be honest I didn't check it over apart from aesthetics I just 
thought it looked sort of OK and like a kid with a new toy wanted to play 
with it fast.

As I said I'm no expert and don't want to be really, actually I was more 
concerned that I have no (is it?) meta tags you know the stuff search pages 
pick up on I'll refresh my memory today with the help wizard.


--<Copy from Stuart Langridge>--

>Interesting. Was the site entirely produced in Nvu? If it's generating 
>duff code then it's not doing what it's supposed to...

Um, with crossed fingers behind my back, yes course it was.

Truthfully I really, really wanted to do it in Nvu, Bluefish blah blah blah.
If I had been prepared to not have anything up and running for 3 or 4 months 
then I probably would have used either of those products what I did was 
created the site in Frontpage then reworked them in Nvu.

I put the site up on the quiet last night and saw some simple problems I 
pulled it down reworked it and put it back again at 05.45 this morning.


--<Copy from 2nd Stuart Langridge>--

>As a Frontpage user, a proper review of Nvu from your perspective would 
>be a pretty useful thing, I have to say...

Oh goody something else I can talk about with semi confidence :D

I would be interested in doing a review along side the one I am doing with 
SugarCRM what I would say is that it wont be a techie type review;

1. I don't know all the technical terms.
2. IMHO I think it would be better as home user type scenario as the majority 
of people understand "Click on the line, drag it to the left" type stuff.

As I said earlier I lied/didn't look hard enough you can drag a line in Nvu or 
at least the outer table border. One of the cells on my page was squashed 
when I looked at the page I noticed a white square in each corner this 
usually signifies that it can be enlarged by dragging, hey presto, it 

I don't know yet if it can be done with cells inside the table (I don't think 
it can).

One other weird issue having reworked it, Nvu, it seems, does not like .bmp 
images this is why I pulled the site I re-did the affected images in Gimp and 
saved them as .png Nvu was a lot happier and so was the site.


Peter Cannon.
peter at cannon-linux.freeserve.co.uk
Fedora Core 3 & Suse Pro 9.2

"There is every excuse for not knowing
there is no excuse for not asking"
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