[Wolves] setup a internet link during bootup on Ubuntu (warty)

James Turner james at turnersoft.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 01:50:55 GMT 2005

On Sunday 27 Feb 2005 21:42, baza wrote:
> When I was running FC3 it would 'turn on' the Internet via my Belkin
> ADSL router/modem during bootup, when it set the clock to the ntp
> server. Anyone know how you can provoke warty to do that??
> I've had a play with sudo pppoe config, but no joy.
> Baza

Your router's probably configured to connect on demand, so any outgoing packet 
will bring up the link.

To set the clock on boot to install the ntpdate package (as root):

apt-get install ntpdate

It should start automatically when the system is booted, otherwise you need to 
do (again as root):

cd /etc/rcS.d
ln -sf ../init.d/ntpdate S51ntpdate

The NTP server(s) to use are specified in /etc/default/ntpdate. See also 
"Computer", "System Configuration", "Time and Date" from the Gnome menu bar.

On a related note, does anyone know of a GUI tool for configuring what 
services are set to run?


James (having recently taken the Ubuntu challenge!!!)

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