[Wolves] Network problems

Chris Ball chris at mnemonik.net
Thu Jan 6 13:43:19 GMT 2005

Mark Ellse wrote:
  > Obviously the master browser has gone down in some way. Is it telling
> the network that it is doing the job, but not actually doing so? Is 
> there any easy way on a network of thirty machines of finding which is 
> the master browser?
> Any advice would be appreciated?
> Cheers,
> Mark

Hi Mark,

AFAIK the setting for master browser is automatic in Windows systems (or 
it was when I dealt with 9x workgroups) therefore the best thing to do, 
would be to choose one machine in the workgroup (possibly the one with 
the 0.1 ip address) and change it to the master browser, then disable 
this on the rest.

To disable the master browser in windows XP follow these steps

    1.Go to the Start Menu, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and 
open Services by double clicking on it's icon.

    2. Find either a "Computer Browser" or "Computer Manager" service 
and double click on it.

    3. Under Service Startup, choose "Disabled".

    4. Click the "Stop" button

    5. Click "Ok"

Also make sure that all computers are joined to the work-group.

What operating systems are you running, and what are the linux servers 
for? File/printer servers? Mail Servers?

With 30 computers it might be worth setting up a domain rather than a 
workgroup, because if I remember correctly Microsoft only recommend a 
maximum of 11 computers in a workgroup, it shouldn't be to hard to set 
up one of your Linux computers to become a Domain controller with SAMBA.

I'd also have a look at this it might be useful


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