[Wolves] Linux firewall in 16MB ?

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 7 02:29:07 GMT 2005

I'll attempt to answer everyone in one go:

I didn't want to use an old Smoothwall because I'm sure it will fall out 
of security patching too soon.

I don't actually know how many PCs I have but I can see 9 from here and 
at least 6 of them are antique. I started using Linux for 2 reasons: a) 
I wanted to learn Unix because the writing was on the wall for VMS and 
b) it would run on hardware that Windows users were throwing in the 
skip. Surely free software should run on free hardware. It would be a 
great shame if Linux lost this ability to rejuvinate obsolete kit. I 
would put forward an environmental argument if it wasn't for the amount 
of power the old gear consumes.

Thanks for the offer of Matt's machine (and to Matt & Lee). I know a 
nurse who would like one for writing up her research paper. I was going 
to give her a different 486/66 but I'm sure she would prefer a 
number-crunching 300 MHz. machine. I'm not allowed to have any more.

Gentoo compiles on a 486? I decline.

I have many boot floppies now, including Smart Boot Manager. I listened 
to your previous recommendation. I've been using Linux since floppies 
were the only boot option and my hard disk was a cache for the CD file 
system (Linux-FT with X on a 486/33 with 8MB.) I understand that if I 
want to rotate rendered 3D object models in real-time then I'm going to 
need to buy a new box but if I want to edit a text file in vi at the 
command line then I don't see why I should need more memory than I did 
last year.
Yes, I'm a pedant on a quest.

Thanks for the reassurance. I think pf looks very good. It is certainly 
more efficient than iptables. I read a benchmark report a few months 
ago. The docs look great too. Ade assured me last night that 
hand-cranked config files are the only way to go.

Applications. Sorry, I don't understand... I don't have time for that 
sort of distraction. ;-)

I agree that travel can broaden the mind but if you try to do too much 
all you ever see are airports.

Thanks for the offer of memory. I have to read up on hardware every time 
I need something. I know the AST box is really fussy so I'll see if I 
can work out what it needs. I would certainly appreciate a couple of 
16MBs. I think it would be quite useable with that, if only as an X 

I really must go to bed now so sorry to anyone I missed. I appreciate 
all the feedback and the ideas.


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