[Wolves] Same machine : 2 Nic's -- 1 DMZ 1 LAN

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Fri Jan 7 08:52:10 GMT 2005

Guys, Gals, 

Firewall/Routing/Lan with DMZ. I'm about to get a netgear router to replace my
smoothie box so I can use that as a file server.

Question 1: Is it possible to have two NIC's on one server and have eth0 say on
the internal network and eth1 on a DMZ external facing.

Question 2: Is that safe and is there any risk of the DMZ getting access to
other ports, can I port forward from the firewall/router to a specific NIC or
mac address on the server and if the server has Linux/IPTables can I restrict
the DMZ NIC to one port only?

Question 3: is any of that easy without Smoothie as a router?

I'm on the edge of my knowledge, which usually leads to ideas that never become
reality, but I'm just curious. I could just get another machine for cheap
money. I've googled for it, got lots of irrelevenat stuff, maybe my bad search.
Can anyone point me to How To's etc that deal with this specificly? Curious
idea, interesting, prolly not gonna work, worth a shot.


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