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Wayne Morris wayne at machx.co.uk
Sat Jan 8 03:11:56 GMT 2005

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> Wayne Morris wrote:
> | Well, I think my HD is dead, got the click of death now, tried all
> | options here and some disk utilities without joy.
> | I've got two choices at this point, I have an identical drive that I
> | could try swopping components off or I could send the
> | drive to a recovery place - this is EXPENSIVE - one place wants £400+
> | but can't do it at the moment, the other wants £700 for
> | 4 day service or £1100 for 2 day service! Don't think its worth it
> for a
> | bunch of my mums photos!.
> Hello all.  Subscribed to wolveslug after hearing some lugradio
> programmes and having a chat to Matthew Revell on Skype over Christmas.
> I realise that not everyone thinks particularly highly of Steve
> Gibson, but I gather his Spinrite utility,
> http://grc.com/spinrite.htm, is the bee's knees for hard drive data
> recovery.
> Has anyone had any experience with it, or comparable tools?
> Paul

Looking at it now, i'm tempted but a bit dubious whether it would fix my HD.
The site makes no mention of drives that are either not seen, or corruptly 
seen in bios.
I have also read a lot od stuff about grc.com over the years, the guy is an 
undoubted excellent self promotion bloke,
but whether his goods match his mouth are up for debate (much discussion 
over whether his 'shields up' check is of any worth.

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