[Wolves] Linux supported by Demon

Andy Wootton andy.wootton at wyrley.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 9 14:10:46 GMT 2005

Peter Cannon wrote:

>On Saturday 08 January 2005 20:47, Andy Wootton wrote:
about Demon saying Linux is

>>'Officially' supported
>Demon, as their name suggests, has the worst rep in the ISP industry I 
>personally have changed hundreds of customers over the last six years from 
>Demon to either us (Centro-Webnet) or another provider. 
They were fine until Thus took over and employed idiots to answer the 
phone and scramble the messages between the 2 people who know what they 
are talking about.

>I'm glad they helped you :-)
I didn't say that! Their status page said that the POP3 service was 
dead. I wasted an hour during which I read the new policy until they 
fixed the service. I wasn't desperate enough to talk to their 'support' 
people. I remember the last time, when they screwed up my initial ADSL 
connection. They claimed they didn't receive my first order but set up 
my second order using the domain name that I gave on the first one. I 
worked out the problem myself and told them what to change. They didn't 
even apologise.

I posted originally because I think this demonstrates that service 
companies are having to start taking notice. I think we owe a lot to 
Firefox (& the US CERT) for this.Ten percent from nowhere scares people 
who care too much about money. The Register reported that the next big 
contractor shortage is going to be for people with good Linux skills 
too. It will be fun watching the training companies trying to make a 
Linux sysdmin out of a Windows boot-monkey in a week.


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