[Wolves] Estimating Tape Write Speed

Chris Ball chris at mnemonik.net
Thu Jan 13 17:28:16 GMT 2005

sparkes wrote:
> Chris Ball wrote:
>> I'm currently re-writing my backup shell script, and I wondered if 
>> there was a way show either the estimated time the backup will take, 
>> or how much has been written to the tape?
> guess based on previous writes? since you know how much data is going to 
> be written and know how long the last write took just guess the time 
> remaining every few seconds?
> This kind of thing is probably best done none interactively with writes 
> to /proc to update the status?  or am I over engineering it?
> sparkes

Yeah i'm gonna try this I guess, I've set tar so it shows me the write 
speed at the end of the write, which is usually somewhere between 
471Kib/Sec and 525Kib/Sec. Not sure if that's Kilobits or Kilobytes hehe 
:) I was kinda hoping there's be some better way, as i'm gonna look at 
writing a GUI front end that the people at work can use.

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